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About El Cratracho

Antojitos Los Tres Hermanos o mejor conocido como "El Catracho" Tuvo sus orígenes en el plan perfecto de Dios, para la familia Hernandez Padilla.


Obed Hernandez (originally from Veracruz, Mexico) and Sandra Padilla (Negrito Yoro, Honduras) They were the designated couple in 2010, to carry out or materialize a business that has had and will continue to have the belief in God as the main source of all growth, since it is the only one that from nothing can create and shape everything.


Obed Hernandez along with 2 coworkers in 2009 put their trust in God, to take the big step that would make them future Entrepreneurs. Between talks, breakfasts and good coffee, they take the initiative to enter the wide world of wonderful Gastronomy (In this particular case we are talking about the rich, tasty and until that moment little known in the city of Detroit "Central American Gastronomy").

In 2010 they opened their doors, bringing to reality what until now was only conceived in the grove of the Forest of Faith. In this same year 2 of its members, for personal and priority issues in their lives and those of their Family members make the decision not to continue the journey, but Obed and his wife Sandra continue working with effort and a lot of faith to be able to turn Antojitos Los Tres Hermanos into a Restaurant immersed in the flowing waters of the Detroit business world. (Which until those years was 100% dominated by the varied and tasty Mexican food)

Sandra Padilla begins to introduce, in addition to the catracho flavor inherited by her mother, a bit of Salvadoran flavor contributed by chef Hilda Recinos; as well as a Caribbean and Mexican touch learned from his years in this country, thus attracting a very wide clientele of different nationalities. It has not been an easy road, but it has been one of beautiful landscapes, full of illusions that have diverted our eyes from the uncomfortableness of this trip. Until now we are proud, since we have been able to indirectly influence or inject into others: the desire or courage to open their own businesses. As well as being able to help our community by opening job opportunities.

Maybe you can't find Grandma's or Mama's flavor, since this flavor you will only find in their hands, but if I assure you that every day we do our best to turn into our hands what we miss so much when we are away from Casa, a fresh, hot and humble Homemade food that makes you bring a little, even a little bit of your land to this Country.

We thank God for our employees, our clients, our suppliers and all those people that God has surrounded us to continue leading this journey towards its final destination.

With all my heart, thank you all for choosing us.

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